Herbie Tsoaeli has spent over three decades making music as the preferred sideman to some of the world’s finest jazz and commercial artists. On Sunday, 6 October, he will take centre stage with an entourage of seasoned African jazz masters to perform songs from the album, “African Time”, along with new compositions.

Backed by Sydney Mnisi on tenor sax, Andile Yenana on piano, and Aynda Sikade on drums, Tsoaeli’s adroit, uncompromising, yet soulful voice will take flight over his reverberating double bass in perfect harmony with the ensemble’s collective sound.

Sounds guided by spirits, energies and vibrations of the past and present – encapsulated on the long-awaited and sought-after debut album from this musical maestro – will be emitted by the energetic and passionate ensemble, in what promises to be a celebration of  ‘what came before and a contribution to what is becoming’.

R595 per person